Dancer Igone de Jongh happy with ‘bonusdochter’ Sammy

a33d9ca6787d9826be75b58696368150 - Dancer Igone de Jongh happy with 'bonusdochter' Sammy

Igone de Jongh has long been thought that it would be fun to, in addition to her son, a daughter. Now she has that in the form of “bonusdochter” Sammy, the daughter of her friend Thijs Römer.

The ballet dancer is never been jealous on women with their daughters for the performances to come. “Now I have Sammy, the daughter of Thijs and Katja (Schuurman, ed.), a kind of bonusdochter. So, it is good.”

In conversation with Maria Goos in Nouveau says the 38-year-old De Jongh, a second child for a long time “one thing” was in her marriage with Mathieu, with whom she son Hugo got. “I would really like to, but Mathieu wanted to that absolutely not. Very crazy, but after my divorce, was that desire for a second child entirely. As it is now, it is excellent, even for Thijs.”

De Jongh lives since a few months together with Römer. “We have it very well together, but it was a step to get back something that goes beyond an infatuation. It is difficult, but also very fine.”

With Römers ex-wife Katja Schuurman and animal fiance Freek van Noortwijk can De Jongh very good find. She is impressed by how her friend his ex handles. “I do not know many people that do as well as they. They feel real love for each other, just like they are no longer each other’s lovers are. That is sincere, honest and warm.”


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