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Crypto currency exchange Binance online, 70% discount on fees

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Late in the evening of 07. February Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance informed, that the stock exchange had to suspend due to unexpected server problems the trade. Now, after one and a half days Binance has fixed the problems. Since about 11 PM German time can be re-traded.

The second largest crypto-currency stock exchange according to market capitalisation, Binance, had to the day before yesterday, setting the evening unexpectedly the trade, as it came to server problems. Specifically, it was probably a Problem with the replication, database Cluster, which means that some data were out of sync. As a result, a complete synchronization with the Master had to take place.

Originally, the remedy of the problems with the server should take only a few hours. Due to the significant increase in the number of users and the trading activities had to be added to the maintenance window. Via the Twitter Account of Binance, as well as Changpeng Zhao’s Twitter Account was reported about the progress.

In a Tweet a few hours ago, the Binance Team explained that all systems are fully functioning again and online. As compensation for the time, in the non-traded and the money escaped could be, offers Bianance its users to 24.02.2018 00:00 UTC, a discount of 70% on the trading fees (0.03% for all Trades, of 0.015% for BNB).

During the maintenance work there was in the social media accusations and allegations heaped that Binance has been hacked. So, too, Changpeng Zhao was forced to the allegations, to respond, inter alia, by John McAfee, and has stated on several occasions that Binance was not hacked.


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