’Co-operation USA and the Saudi’s disrupts region

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TEHRAN – The cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United States will the Middle East continue to destabilize. That has a high Iranian official said Monday. He added that Tehran in the region will continue despite pressure from Washington for his influence to be limited.

Foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo (USA, left) meets with king Salman bin Abdulaziz (right) of Saudi Arabia.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo, that the Saudi king Salman on Sunday met in Riyadh during a lightning visit to the region, said Sunday that the United States is deeply concerned about the “destabilizing and malicious activities” of Iran in the Middle East.

“Pompeo’s comments on Iran are repeating baseless. As long as the legitimate governments of countries in the region need our help, Iran will in those countries remain”, said the spokesman of the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs on state television Monday.

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