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Charlie Lee regretted his Litecoin sells

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Charlie Lee had announced in December last year that he sold his Litecoin, because he could not otherwise work lens on his project, the crypto-currency Litecoin,. The opinions about this step at that time were very divided and some of the Litecoin supporters, raised serious criticism. In an Interview with Julian Hosp he was now that he regretted this step.

As we already reported, has decided to Charliee Lee in December of last year to sell its own litecoin stocks completely. This was, in his opinion, necessary to the further development of work on the litecoin project lens continue.

In an Interview with Julian Hosp, that this Friday was broadcast via live stream on Youtube, he admitted that he regret it: (free translated):

It doesn’t feel right. Still, I would have had to restrict myself in the future. Thus, there is a worldwide, decentralized crypto-currency, it may at the top no one of the great crypto-stocks keeps on giving. I probably would have anyway come back.

In this very conversation to see where it went not only to TenX, and Litecoin, but also about the future of crypto-currencies, languages, the two founders also work Together.

Just 14 days TenX announced that it will support Litecoin also to his credit as a accounts receivable card. This already works with the latest Wallet on Android as well as IOS.

Furthermore, there are rumors about a possible future collaboration between Litecoin and Tokenpay that have recently gripped the Cryptocurrency Verge heavily under the arms. This should revolve around the development of a payment solution, in cooperation with a German Bank. These are up to now unconfirmed rumors.

Derweile slipped Litecoin on number 7 of the largest crypto-currencies, because both Cardano as well as EOS have risen in terms of market capitalization, and large Rates were increased. To the editors of the time the price for a Litecoin at 124,71 euros and a market capitalization of nearly 7 billion Euro.

The next time will show whether it can advance Litecoin back to square 5.

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