‘Caravan’ with migrants to Us border, arrived

d1534e7089a61565d24cf749587baf03 - ‘Caravan’ with migrants to Us border, arrived

A caravan of approximately 200 migrants arrived at the border between Mexico and the United States. The group wants to seek political asylum in America.

The migrants flee their homeland because they themselves feel unsafe.

The caravan departed on 25 march in Honduras and El Salvador and had 1000 people. There are 200 arrived in Tijuana, a city near the border with Mexico. “Many migrants have decided in Mexico City of the caravan to split off into and on their own, by traveling to the border,” says Edwin Timmer, correspondent Mexico, in The Morning on Radio 1.

About 50 migrants have already officially an asylum application, but were told that there is no capacity was made to all treatments. The migrants only chance at asylum if they can indicate that their own life or the life of their child is in danger in their home country.

American president Trump wants to be the migrants are not allow to travel to the United States. Previously threatened, he agrees to the army to the border to send. Eventually, he sent the National Guards (part of the national guard) to the border, to the border police to strengthen.


It is not the first time that such a group of migrants through Central America travels. Such caravans are already since 2010 organized by the ngo Pueblo sin Fronteras (People without borders). Who wants to sue how dangerous the passage through Mexico for migrants who, in search of a better and safer life, from Central America trying to reach the United States.

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