Campaign wants to ‘American Idiot’ of Green Day in the British charts during visit Trump

c8eb5894aff3daf878a6cb31b41dd818 - Campaign wants to 'American Idiot' of Green Day in the British charts during visit Trump

In the United Kingdom is a facebook campaign targeting launched to the song ‘American Idiot’ by Green Day at number one in the charts to get a protest against the visit of president Donald Trump to the country on 13 July. Reports that the British music magazine New Musical Express (NME).

In July drops to Trump off to the Uk for a one-day working visit. It is, however, no official state visit, despite plans to queen Elizabeth II to go along.

On Facebook launched a Green Day-fan, the idea of ‘American Idiot’, the hit from 2004 from the American punkrockband, at the top of the Uk charts to get a protest against the presidential visit. There is called up to the British population to the song massive download. “If we all have enough downloads to buy the track between Friday 6 July and Thursday 12 July will be the song at number one when the president on British soil lands,” reads the post.

The call got so far 8.600 likes and was more than 11,000 times shared.

Green Day is known to be no great fan of Trump. So called out the band members to the president through a impeachmentprocedure and lifted them several times already, anti-Trumpgezangen to during their performances.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had the idea on Instagram first welcomed, but now his post has disappeared.

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