British government suffers Brexit-defeat

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LONDON – The government of British prime minister Theresa May has a sensitive defeat suffered in the house of lords. That so-called House of Lords decided that the parliament has the last word about the circumstances in which the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

The lords voted with 335 against 244 votes for an amendment that the parliament more powers. So can parliamentarians, the government will return to the negotiating table if they are not satisfied about the agreement with Brussels. They can also prevent their country without a deal leaving the EU.

Martin Callanan, who represented the government, tried in vain to the lords mind. “What this amendment does is the British negotiating position weaken,” concluded the minister. He pointed out that the parliament and the government would be able to command “for an indefinite period of time in the EU to stay”.

Narrow merderheid house of Commons

The decision can still be reversed in the house of Commons. The conservative government is formally supported by a narrow majority of the parliamentarians.

The government had already promised the results of the negotiations about the Brexit to submit to the parliament, but presented that if a choice between agreeing with the agreement or without a deal to leave the EU. The amendment goes further and forces the government the instructions of the parliament to follow if agreement on the Brexit is rejected.

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