Breach of trust takes a diplomat post in the Congo

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Bertrand de Crombrugghe is no longer the Belgian ambassador in the Congo. On the basis of a breach of trust with Foreign Affairs in Brussels.

Bertrand de Crombrugghe, but on a post in the Congolese capital Kinshasa since 2016, came at the end of January to return to Belgium. “He has just returned to Brussels to take part in discussions and internal consultation’, was Foreign Affairs when know. A recall was not yet called.

It didn’t sound illogical, because it was a period of great tension between the Congo and Belgium. The Belgian government had development projects suspended to a value of 25 million euros, which the Congolese government would expire. Reacted to the Congolese government with the announcement that the doors of the Belgian agency for development co-operation in Kinshasa would close.

Relationship soured

But three months later, De Crombrugghe no longer the Belgian ambassador to the Congo. ‘In view of the fact that the Congo in Brussels since more than a year at ambassadorial level is represented, and given the bilateral context and the situation in Kinshasa, was there at the end of January will decide our ambassador from Kinshasa to recall it. Our ambassador got in the meantime other tasks assigned within the central administration, ” said Didier Vanderhasselt, spokesman of Foreign Affairs.

The decision is the result of a breach of trust between The Crombrugghe and the cabinet of minister Didier Reynders (MR) and the administration. Certainly for an important post as the Congolese capital, it is essential that an ambassador is to sign up in what ‘Brussels’ wants, and transparent operates and communicates.

The top japanese diplomat applies as a very intelligent person, which, however, also strongly convinced of his own equal and it is sometimes difficult with instructions from Brussels. While Reynders and minister for development Cooperation Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) have opted for a hard approach of the regime-Established due to the postponement of the elections and the violent suppression of peaceful protests, was Bertrand de Crombrugghe, a more pragmatic approach, is to hear. The relationship weakened, and the ambassador could do no good, do more’.

Thai dancers

It is already the second time in ten years that the top japanese diplomat recalled from abroad. In 2009, he had early return from Moscow because he was a year before visa was arranged for five Thai women.

The dancers had the visa necessary to go via Belgium to France to travel, where she is the Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov company had to hold a big party on his private domain in Antibes. It went to a vriendendienst of the ambassador, who was invited on the yacht of Kerimov on the Côte d’azur.

The then minister of Foreign Affairs Karel De Gucht spoke of a ‘professional misconduct. Ambassador de Crombrugghe has me written a letter in which he admits, and he has made me asked myself in order to be relieved of his position as ambassador in Moscow.’ This was the end of it.

A successor for The Crombrugghe in Kinshasa is not there yet: ‘Belgium continues the dialogue with the Democratic Republic of the Congo enter and hopes that bilateral tensions can be resolved, so that the two countries at the level of ambassador can be represented in Kinshasa and Brussels’, says Vanderhasselt.

As long as Belgium is represented at the level of chargé d’affaires. Congo stands for crucial months. Normally should there be at the end of this year, provincial, parliamentary and presidential elections take place

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