Bob Savenberg jury chairman jury contest

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Big names in the Belgian jury for the Eurovision song contest: none other than Laura Tesoro, Tom Dice, Lady Linn, Wouter Vander Veken and Bob Savenberg as the chairman of the jury will be the judge values for Belgium. In their own country are known, but also internationally, will be our jury stand out due to their strong link with the Eurovision song contest: Laura Tesoro bekoorde in 2016, of course, everyone on the Eurovision song contest with her energetic What’s the pressure. Tom Dice made in 2010 for the best Flemish result ever at the song festival. Bob Savenberg took in 1991 participated in the Eurovision song contest with Clouseau.

• Tom Dice: “I myself have been on the podium so we know what is there at that time by the candidates of their head and body should go. I’m also looking forward to be part of the jury.”

• Bob Savenberg (jury president): “this is the second time I was in the jury may be seated, and I think it is a great honour to have the two fine evenings with a number of colleagues from the music industry.”

The Belgian jury assesses each act of the first semi-final and the final. The jury shares the points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12 to the acts, except to the home country. Because our candidate Sennek in the first semi-final acts, Belgium should not vote on the second semi-final. All 43 participating countries are allowed to cast their vote during the finals. These points will remain secret until after the final on Saturday 12 may.

The five rate each song on a number of areas: the vocal abilities of the singer(es), the composition and originality of the song, the performance, and their overall impression of the act. That happens during the jury performances each day for the live broadcast on television take place. In the case of Belgium agree to our jury so the jury will occur on Monday 7 and Friday 11 may. The performances they view via a satellite link from the VRT. Fun fact: in total, 215 members of the jury vote this year, 5 jury members in each of the 43 participating countries.

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