Bob Dylan is going to own whiskeymerk launch

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Bob Dylan goes his own whiskey collection on the market. The 76-year-old nobel prize winner brings the whiskey next month.

“It is not always easy to find inspiration, sometimes you find. We wanted a collection of American whiskeys release, each bottle telling a story,” said Dylan at Page Six. He brings the whiskey series, together with liquor-owner Marc Bushala. The liquor will be distilled in a former church in Tennessee.

According to Bushala wanted Dylan there is no big commercial thing: “It is his brand and his idea. We have actually only helped with the drop that what he had in mind. He would therefore absolutely not the face of the brand or its name large on the bottle. Bob is anything but vain, and that you see good return in this project.”

Dylan’s signature placed on the back of the label. “That he wanted to still do it, but he had absolutely no sense in signing sessions or promotional activities. He was not even his Nobel prize come and pick it up, let alone that he is for something like this lends,” says Bushala. “It makes the brand only but more authentic and that’s good.”


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