Blac Chyna defends hair extension baby

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The model responds to the allegations that her daughter would only use if pop.

Blac Chyna defends her use of clip-in hair extensions with her daughter Dream of 17 months.

The model caused a stir after she put on Instagram a photo was shared of the toddler with pink haarextensions. Under the photograph, now removed, put Chyna: “My beautiful baby.”

Some fans jumped into the breach for the reality TV star, but others criticized Chyna because she was her daughter would dress up as pop.

Chyna, however, was not impressed by the criticism, and told a TMZ reporter that the hair does not matter what others think.

“The baby clips. Every little girl has them,” she said as she next to her friend, YBN Almighty Jay, was. “It doesn’t matter to me! Not at all.”

Chyna, who is her daughter’s Dream with Rob Kardashian, and a son with her ex Tyga, is often discredited hit the last few weeks. The last incident was a filmed altercation with a woman in the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain.

In the images you can see that the tv star a toy of her daughter, which serves as a stroller, grabs the woman want to save.

Chyna tried the incident to declare on social media and claims that someone her children wanted to touch. “Fame is hard enough when you always have to deal with criticism, but if anyone thinks that they are your children allowed to touch, then that is a whole different story,” she wrote in an Instagram Story.

According to sources, the model is her promotiedeal with kinderwagenmerk Momiie lost after the incident. A representative of the brand says on its website: “We can this kind of reactions and behavior do not approve, especially not in an amusement park where children are.”

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