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Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash – is now before the court?

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Since the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork on 1. August 2017, the dispute in the Bitcoin Community reached a new Level. Before the Hard Fork, which split the network and both Camps allowed to realize their Vision, were hardened the fronts already. But the bickering continues and seems to escalate even more.


On the one hand, Roger Ver, the representatives of the large blocks and the On-Chain Scaling is prominent. Behind him, Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain. Ver represents the (unpopular) opinion is that Bitcoin is Cash, the true Vision of Satoshi Nakamoto is, and thus the true Bitcoin. On the other hand, all the other figures in the Bitcoin sphere are seemingly.

A social attack on Bitcoin

The Hard Fork of Bitcoin to Cash (BCH) is located. The dream of the larger blocks has come true. You would think that Zoff had placed, and both parties are now working peacefully on your Version of the Protocol. However, Roger Ver, there is no rest for him, it is only now really: The Name “Bitcoin” has to be conquered.

Ver called Bitcoin (BTC) as “Bitcoin Core”. Thus, the two versions differ in name by only three letters. On his Twitter channel Ver prophesied again and again that BCH would be better than BTC – the “true Bitcoin”. As such, it is, of course, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) simply as a Bitcoin to refer to.

Bitcoin can be attacked by many methods. The famous 51% attack is a technical attack vector. Confusion as to the name to create a social.

Squabbles on Twitter

Well-known personalities have now reported to the word. The founder of Erik Voorhees corrected a Verse Tweets. His statement was taken out of context and the chain with more Hashing Power is the true Bitcoin.

“Roger, please listen to bring me with your opinion that Bitcoin is the Cash of Bitcoin. The it is not. Bitcoin is the chain from the Genesis Block with the highest Proof of Work. The Bitcoin-Cash-Fork has no majority and is, therefore, not Bitcoin.“

Also Cypher punk pendant Jameson Loop commented on the issue. Not everyone would define Bitcoin for themselves but for others; this depends on the computer code. soon to court?

For some of the trouble may be amusing. The other fun costs real money. Just for newcomers who want to learn about the first of all the crypto currencies, which is confusing. Finally, it belongs to the Domain “” and there is always of Bitcoin Core . It may happen that an entry-level sent to BCH to a BTC address. The result: Not a valid transaction takes place. Most recently, this occurred in the first Bitcoin-Bar in the world, in the Room 77 in Berlin.

Many a person has lost through the donation of disorientation of money. Therefore, a Grass-Roots movement to put the machinations of a the end of. Over 600 people have already found and plan legal action for fraud. With this device, even under pressure.

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