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Bitcoin falls to 10% of the Other Altcoins are bleeding also with high losses

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After the Bitcoin had been overcome, a few days ago back to the 14,000 mark, it seemed to go uphill again steeply. Since last night the price of Bitcoin falls again, however, and is currently at just over the 12,000 mark. Many Altcoins have also seen red Numbers and price declines of up to 20%.

In the last seven days, a lot of Altcoins were able to secure strong gains, in part by up to 50%. Especially NEM (55% increase) and XLM (40% increase) have pushed in the Ranking of the largest crypto-currencies are some of the items to the front.

At the time, the correlation of the Bitcoin price with the prices of Altcoins in the current market developments is reflected once again. As soon as the Bitcoin’s price down a bit, this usually also a lot of Altcoins affected as well. Since mid-December, however, the Bitcoin has decreased dominance of formerly 65% and currently stands at around 35 percentage points. This is a clear signal to the market and shows clearly that more and more investors put their capital in Alternatives such as Ethereum, Ripple and other Coins.

Completely unimpressed by the current development of the Popoulus-Coin, recorded in the last 24 hours, over 50% of the rate increase. The Popoulus-rate is at the time of writing, at 56,38 EUR.

Due to the sharp price decline is a good time to be in the crypto market, and acquire relatively cheap Tokens for potential investors. Whether the positive development in the direction of the Altcoins to continue, the next few days.

Advantage of many Altcoins is that you can produce a much better technical suitability for everyday use, as the Bitcoin, as well as other functions, as only a store of Value and means of payment.

The crypto-currency, Ethereum, for example, for use in Brazil Referendums. This is just one example of the capabilities of Ethereum.

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