Bill Cosby gets special treatment in prison

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The imprisonment of Bill Cosby may just be better than one would think: he gets special treatment in prison, reports TMZ. There are reasons for that.

Bill Cosby gestures upon leaving the court after he was convicted for the drugging and rape of Andrea Constant

The imprisonment of Cosby because of his conviction for rape may not really be lonely: because he is blind, he gets a gevangenismaatje him during his daily routine in the prison guide. If the further health of the tachtigjare really bad, than he would even a cell can get for people with special needs. In that case, his daily necessities with him in the cell.

Sources say that Cosby because of his high age and to the fact that it was his first time in prison, gets help from one or more specialists who are trained to the prisoners in their first period, to help get used to the heavy prison life. Finally, officials assess whether the well-known comedy actor, you may have additional security needs, because he is famous.

Cosby is found guilty of three offences; each offence is a maximum of ten years. The octogenarian may be a maximum of thirty years imprisonment, to meet, reasonably, is that for the rest of his life. He seems to be there mentally already on to prepare. But for his safety and health is, according to TMZ in the last few years in the cell thus, in each case properly taken care of.

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