Belgium may be a terrorist not show

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Brussels – Belgium was once a Moroccan terrorist not show because of him, in his home country, possible pain will be done.

The Belgian minister Jambon should be no terrorists tell of the court.

The Council for Vreemdelingenbetwistingen (RVV) in the south stands firmly behind the terrorist may be tortured ’might be’, writes The Latest News.

It is already the third time that the right to the protection of a terrorist is more important.

The man to whom it twice condemned: first, because of drugs in 2014, then for involvement in a terrorist organization in 2017. He is therefore now a prison sentence and is on 8 may.

Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon and the state secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken (both N-VA) therefore, Tuesday, talk in Morocco “To this sensitive issue”.

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