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Another Bitcoin Hard Fork: Bitcoin Atom splits off in the morning

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After last year a whole series of Bitcoin Forks have taken place, and, among other things, Bitcoin to Platinum, and Bitcoin to Gold, Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin, Cash, and Bitcoin Cash Plus are created (there were a total of 19 Bitcoin Hardforks), has been announced for tomorrow is another Hard Fork in the Bitcoin Atom (BCA).

The Hardfork will take place at Block #505.888 on 25.01.2018 and a whole range of innovative Features.

So has the team of developers of the Bitcoin Atom on the Flag, to allow On-Chain and Off-Chain Atomic Swaps to transactions with different currencies on other block chains across, can perform without any intermediate third party (stock exchange how to Binance, Bitfinex, or Bittrex or services, such as Changelly or Shapeshift).

Two users want to exchange, e.g., fifty Litecoins for a Bitcoin, you use your private key to a copy of the transaction to sign. Once the signatures are in place, they will be exchanged immediately.

Atomic Swaps use timed Hash-Contracts (HTLCs), in which the two trading partners need to comply with the terms and conditions of trade (required Coinmenge must be accepted for value). If one of the parties can not confirm the transaction within the specified time period, returns the coins to the original sender. Atom Swaps and HTLCs allow users to do transactions directly and without any intermediary.

Furthermore, it is SegWit enabled. It will be a total of 21 million Bitcoin Atom. On the Blockchain, a hybrid consensus will be installed-mechanism that uses both Proof-of-Stake as well as Proof-of-Work. In addition, Off-the-Chain-Swaps within the Lightning network should be in the first quarter of this year added. For more detailed information on

A partner exchanges, RUB the same amount of BCA to the owners credit, as this is Bitcoin, Okex, Yobit, Bitlish and Exrates. Functioning Wallets that can store the Bitcoin Atom Coin, Coinomi, nuclear Wallet and ESR.

The official page is “WhoisGuard Protected”, so it is not clear who has registered this Domain and operates. Furthermore, there is up to now still not a Whitepaper, this works in Detail is explained how the technology. On demand of us in the official Telegram Channel, we received the answer that the priorities currently lie elsewhere and it may be published therefore last until the white paper.

Also, the developers behind the project are (until now) completely anonymous. The Roadmap promises a lot, using “keywords”, but is otherwise rather uninformative, so this should votes in total, potential investors cautious. From our point of view, the project could be just another Bitcoin Hard Fork, which is based on the “Bitcoin wave” simple money want of dusting and for this purpose, bona fide investors with big promises to lure in.

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