Angélique (13) murdered by a well-known

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LILLE – The 13-year-old Angélique Six, Sunday, death in a forest was found, was murdered by her former neighbor. David Ramault (45), a convicted sex offender, confessed that he and the girl sexually abused, and for the life it has brought.

Ramault knew the victim and her family, because he to two years ago in the same building, in the Northern French city of Wambrechies. He would be the girl that he so trusted to his house to have lured where they have to perform sexual acts were forced. He strangled her with her own pants, so you made the French court Monday known after hearing.

For days was by a large group of people to the little girl, Wednesday, disappeared, searched. Ramault was arrested after a neighbors youngest son said Angélique, with the ’older man’ was gone. The man was arrested and known directly. He gave during the hearing that her body had been buried in a forest near the French village of Quesnoy-sur-Deûle, near Lille.

’Caring man’

Neighbors are in shock, write French media. “We knew him well and lived in the same building. I could not at first believe that he is the perpetrator was. He seemed a nice and caring man and worked as a bus driver,” said a 29-year-old buurtbewoonster.

Ramault, the father of two children, was in 1996, already once convicted of robbery and rape under threat of a weapon. The man would after the murder of Angélique letters, written for his wife and children in which he talks about ’impulses’.

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