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Altcoin-market analysis KW18 – Tron and EOS on the rise

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The whole market capital is increased at the beginning of this week to 352 billion euros. Almost all crypto-currencies within the Top 10 were able to show gains. An exception to Ripple, whose price has fallen by three percent.

Name Price in Euro Market capital in billions of euros Change on last week % Course evaluation Support in Euro Resistance in Euro
Bitcoin 7.610,69 129,43 3,81 neutral 7.446,93 7.802,13
Ethereum 560,43 55,56 6,83 more bullish 532,72 574,82
Ripple 0,70 27,31 -3,18 neutral 0,64 0,74
Bitcoin Cash 1.146,80 19,61 1,92 neutral 1.084,40 1.208,40
EOS 15,27 12,60 59,66 rather bearish 13,62 18,51
Cardano 0,29 7,39 20,47 more bullish 0,24 0,31
Litecoin 124,12 6,99 0,32 neutral 118,65 127,34
Stellar 0,36 6,60 16,23 more bullish 0,33 0,38
TRON 0,07 4,91 69,88 bullish 0,06 0,09
NEO 70,69 4,59 12,95 bullish 63,72 74,81

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with the highest market capital, which is expressed in billion euros. For crypto-currencies, which are not currently directly in Euro exchangeable, the respective trading pair with the US Dollar as a Basis and converted into Euro.

The Winter seems to be forgotten, and so Bitcoin will rise. Various Altcoins, EOS, and TRON, to rise significantly faster than Bitcoin. In addition to TRON and EOS Cardano, Stellar and NEO can boast double-digit profits, so you see that the younger Assets to be re-discovered. The “old guard” performed rather mediocre: Ethereum is formed with a profit of 7 percent to be about the top. Ripple even had a three percent loss to get over during the Litecoin exchange rate hardly changed.

The total market capital increased from 326 billion Euro to 352 billion euros. Temporarily, the market capital, fell to 315 billion euros, was able to catch.

The structure of the Top 10 has changed according to the differences between the new and old guard. Litecoin fell below Cardano and Stellar makes Litecoin the space of seven competition. In addition, TRON has risen again in the Top 10.

Even if the majority of crypto currencies to rise, one has the impression that the courses, with TRON as an exception – a certain amount of “I eight”-have taken a position. You have either a recent consolidation behind or move in a Plateau. This is after the climbs of the last few weeks, of course, investors want to realize their profits. It also means that you should not open a Long Position.

Best price trend: Tron (TRX)

With the in a month’s upcoming Launch of the Main Nets and the choice of the 21 so-called Super Representatives it has in the last few weeks, again according to TRON. The Tron Course. Since the 12th century. April, the price followed an upward trend, the on 23. April speed won.

The positive MACD and an overbought RSI at 68 to speak together with the rate and Trend is a bullish language. Even if the market is overheated, it should not be forgotten that, in light of the upcoming Main Net Launch is not likely to be the end of the Rally. Nevertheless, should you have a Stop Loss at the Support at the height of the EMA50, which means at 0.07 Euro, place. The Target would be at the height of the Resistance at 0.11 US Dollar, where this goal is through an Extrapolation of a development according to Fibonacci estimate.

Worst course development: Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is within the Top 10 in fact, the only currency with a negative balance. Certainly the rumours of the Loss of Fishing did not keep the Ripple rate. However, the loser of the week is “” a little hard: In bullish times, a weekly loss of 3 percent is negative, however, the course is, strictly speaking, since the 19th century. April just sideways.

A positive, but declining MACD , and an RSI at 49 to confirm this sideways movement and lead to an overall neutral impression. Instead of a Long to open up, should you more of a Rise above the Resistance at the height of the gestringen maximum at 0.74 euros, or a Bounce at Support, which at the height of the EMA100 0.74 euros is, wait and then step in. A sensible Stop Loss would be then in each case the Resistance or the Support, in the latter case, the first Target would be to 0.74 Euro.

Stability of the Top 10

EOS has placed after the Rally clearly above Litecoin and Cardano. EOS would have to lose 40 per cent to fall back below Cardano. A Flippening with Bitcoin Cash is, however, equally unlikely, would EOS have to nearly 60 percent of the profits. The distance between Litecoin and Cardano is 6 percent, and could be quickly overcome. As just the distance between Litecoin and Stellar.

The last two places in the Top 10 are hotly contested: Between Tron and NEO 6 per cent, and between NEO and IOTA are again, currently in the eleventh place, are just 2 percent.

On the places six to ten that it can happen a lot.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by 36 percent. The majority of crypto-currencies has performed better than Bitcoin. For the Top 100, the result is not quite so clear: Here, the courses have been developed with an average increase of 15 per cent, better than Bitcoin.

With Mixin and Aeternity two crypto could currencies or tokens to double your rate. Ontology has missed with a 98 percent rate increase in this result is tight. A total of ten cryptocurrencies were able to make gains of over 50 percent.

Loser of the week, especially Bitcoin Private: Nearly half had to lose of course. One reason for this may lie in the fact that Rhett Greighton for a Sequel of his ZClassic/Bitcoin Private history. A total of weisen30 percent of crypto-currencies within the Top 100 with a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin dropped accordingly and is now 36.8 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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