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Works of art Museum of Fine Arts is no longer under house arrest

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Secretary of state Zuhal Demir says no longer that the collection of modern and contemporary art at the mont des arts.

The modern art collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels since 2011, in the depot, because the museum director Michel Draguet space needed to the Fin-de-Siècle Museum to open. Since then, a stalemate. Critics coming there for years, regularly protest.

The proposal for the collection elsewhere, for example, in Kanal, be the former secretary of state for scientific research institutions Each Sleurs (N-VA) in 2014. They found that Draguet the available space at his museum had to deliver the collection to present. That space would be renovated for museum use.

‘The side wings to the centre, which mrs Sleurs proposed, are 2,500 square metres in size, ” says Draguet. ‘However, there is at least 7,000 square feet. In 2016, the government has nineteen million freed up, allowing for the complete renovation of the roofs and the building must be covered and also the redevelopment of the side wings. About the further plans we have no information.’

Aangeschoten wild

The current secretary of state, Zuhal Demir (N-VA) has let us know that they are with the régie des bâtiments to the museum works. “Depending on the progress of the work, the collection will be stronger to bid.’

The shoot, however, not so with the claim of the work. This refers Demir to the Direction of the Buildings, which are now all from different angles aangeschoten wild. ‘This year could be the master plan on the tracks. Unfortunately, the museum is still not informed.’

The collection is still in storage and the space required is already there, either. For the first time, let Demir an opening. ‘In the coalition agreement state that the federal collections as a whole should remain. So, We are going no collections or parts thereof to repel.’ Understand that a transfer to the Channel is not yet on the order.

Flexible applications are discussed. Demir: ‘It is evident that loans of individual works to the temporary exhibitions can be explored. First, there is dialogue needed. Minister-president Rudi Vervoort shows me the area of Kanal and light the project. I go there like on in.’

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