Vettel has no regrets about failed inhaalactie with Bottas in Baku

39e340fd3a2134eccafd286a47f9d075 - Vettel has no regrets about failed inhaalactie with Bottas in Baku

Sebastian Vettel does not regret his failed inhaalactie compared to that of Valtteri Bottas, while the driver of Ferrari Sunday in Baku an almost certain podium finish missed and the lead in the world CHAMPIONSHIP mode lost out to Lewis Hamilton.

“I am pleased that I have tried, but not happy that he did not,” said Vettel against various media after the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. “But I had to try it.”

In the final phase of the chaotic race fell Vettel’s leading Bottas, just after the safetycar of the track was gone. The German was the Fin, but rode to the end of the long straight piece that is too hard to bend.

“I was a bit to optimistic”, looked at Vettel back. “When I saw the inside of a bend have submitted, blocked the wheels. I feel slowed down I’m not too late.”

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Vettel was after his failed inhaalactie overtaken by Bottas, Hamilton, Kimi were times and Sergio Perez. Because Bottas moments later with a flat tire, broke down, was Vettel still in fourth place.

Hamilton picked up not only the victory, but also took the lead in the world CHAMPIONSHIP mode of Vettel. The Briton has four points more than his competitor (70 to 66).

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Ferrari speaks on his website of a “dominant race, which was ruined by the safetycar”. Vettel went from pole position and drove for a long time in the lead.

After the German a pit stop made came Bottas on the head. The finn took advantage of the safteycar situation that arose due to a crash between Red Bull racing drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Bottas immediately made a pitstop and came just for Vettel on the track.

In spite of everything looked at Vettel with a poisitief feeling back on the race. “At that one moment I had a strong race, but this kind of things happens, well, once in a season.”

On 13 may, in Barcelona, the fifth Grand Prix of the season held.

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