’Vanessa Trump railed Aubrey O’day rotten after hatching affair’

d6faac911343450937b9e918b084826c - ’Vanessa Trump railed Aubrey O'day rotten after hatching affair’

Vanessa Trump was furious at Aubrey O’day when she found out that the realityster had an affair with her husband, Donald Trump Jr. That writes Page Six now on the basis of sources.

Aubrey O’day (l.) got the full layer of Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa

As soon as the rumors about the adultery of her husband, Vanessa’s ears came up, she grabbed the phone and called them realityster and singer Aubrey O’day to her with it face to face. “Vanessa was furious,” says a source of the call is aware.

According to him, insulted Vanessa O’day, among others, with her childlessness and her sexual capabilities, in comparison to that of herself. They would be pretty aggressive language used. “Aubrey was shocked by all the extremely uncouth things that Vanessa against her said,” says the insider.


According to the newspaper, this is a side of the usually demure blonde fine that they occasionally go outside late, when they explode. She was by a former classmate once ’a real gangsterb*tch’ and would classmates because of her dramatic outbursts was also nominated as the one ’whose it is most likely that that was even in the dramashow of the Ricki Lake show’.

In march, reported the New York Post for the first time that Donald Trump, Jr. from 2011, a long affair with Aubrey O’day had had, in the period that they participated in The Apprentice, where Jr. as adviser of his father, Donald Trump has occurred. Vanessa, mother of their five children, decided to immediately divorce request, after twelve years of marriage.

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