Trump shows the offset position for the Correspondent’s dinner

69d1623b749b4abebbe66118fae92cf7 - Trump shows the offset position for the Correspondent's dinner

Unlike his predecessors, Us president, Donald Trump chose to, again, not to days at the gala dinner of the journalists who reports on the White House. Instead, drew Trump to Washington in the state of Michigan, where he heavily uithaalde to the event.

The gala dinner is an annual event, which raised money for charity. Traditionally the incumbent president there is a humorously-toned speech, but Trump broke last year with that habit.

Comedienne Michelle Wolf, known for the Daily Show, gave this year’s most important speech. Therein referred inter alia to the case of Stormy Daniels: if Trump keep her quiet want to impose, you need a lawyer but of 130,000 dollars lay on the table, she joked.

Trump himself made in Michigan clearly that he was not at the dinner wanted to be, because everyone there is against him.

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