This record is The Simpsons break

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The Simpsons is Sunday night television history to write. Then on the American station FOX the 636e episode aired. This is the animated series the longest running tv show ever, animated or not.

The Simpsons

The record of the most episodes was in the hands of the westernserie Gunsmoke, from 1955 to 1975 on the tube. The creators knew 635 episodes. For the milestone to celebrate is a short video made showing that the youngest daughter of Homer and Marge, baby Maggie, literally out of Gunsmoke by the main character to shoot.

Channel FOX has ordered in 2016, the 29th and 30th season, the creators of the series around donutliefhebber Homer Simpson and his family. Currently, The Simpsons doing with the 29th season. When the animated sitcom season 30 exit, counts the series to a whopping 669 episodes.

The Simpsons was the first time in 1989. Now it is an icon of the pop culture has become. The series won the last 29 years, including 32 emmys, 34 Annie Awards and a Peabody Award. More than 7 million Americans follow The Simpsons.

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