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The ‘martelproef’ in The mol says more than all the previous commands together

d97a333fe871cb253356f10a60c8a09a - The 'martelproef' in The mol says more than all the previous commands together

During the Moat of Fortune-trial there was again plenty of time to get yourself out of the molehill to chat.

Practice a hundred times in front of the mirror and you can for each question, a suitable lie think. Pretend you’re a hot pepper eating, a stinkbom smell or cockroaches on your hand feels creep, that’s really acting. Fortunately, the mole is no actor but a naval officer, a financial recruiter, a priest or a student.

How far can you go to the mol to debunk and probably more than 20,000 euro to take home? Are you willing to have your ethical boundary to push and your other candidates to terrorize with their nightmares? And if the answer to that last question is ‘yes’, is there still a limit?

These are questions which the candidates during the ‘martelproef’ – for the sensitive reader: command with (pretty disgusting) stimuli – on the basis of their deeds answer. For once, not hollow, funny, vicious, suspicious words you are still only in question but responses and decisions in a wonderfully manipulative experiment. The mole should be here stitches. The question is: have you seen it?


A spicy pepper, that is the holy water of Mexico that the devil is in the mol’ll to get it. ‘Bahador says quite the journey that he is good at spicy can, so yes, he should prove it.’ When Bahador – you recommend the never – effective well against spicy food, can, see Pieter the divine light. ‘Alé, behold, he eats it within ten seconds! That is not normal! I have here a lot learned from this.’

With such observation skills, it is indeed best to pursue the pasvragen and exemption as to the geitenproef, because Pieter does not agree that Joke the pepper not in her mouth protrudes, that Lloyd is so red is that there is danger of explosion is lurking in his room – but his breath seems to imply? and that the (much too) stoic Pascale so motionless is sweating an accomplished practitioner of bikram yoga to her with an open mouth staring at.


You know in advance that something ranzigs, tickling, crawling, slimy in the mystery box will sit. That can be a naval officer Pascale no nut care. Not know what is coming your way is the best way to see if the comment is real, you can see them thinking. Efficiency above all. With that pronounced molleneigenschap looks Pascale – again motionless, what had you thought – how Baha a little too fast ‘bug stop’ seems to say, Lloyd is again so extroverted in his contagious dialect of the mollengehalte (seemingly) to below the zero-degree drops and Pieter clearly mentally on a pilgrimage, with or without the teddy bear.

Or they learned a lot from this unsympathetic torture to which she and her other candidates submitted? For us it is a question, for the ever-mysterious Pascale a know.


What are the ethical boundaries? Lloyd laughs it destroys itself with the smoothness that other candidates withdraw if they had the gas masks with the stinkbom set up. ‘Alé, should that not now, not gagging or something’, he begs aloud. ‘Come on, I thought that worse went.” What he has learned from this trial? “It was funny to see how Baha to the refrain.’

With that mindset, it’s not inconceivable that Lloyd immediately as a special guest is asked to studentendopen, but who is the judas wants to expose, it can nevertheless also noted that it seemed as if Peter and Pascale de stinklucht tried to get away by blowing through their nose. And that Bahador maybe just a really bad actor and, therefore, for the tactics of exaggeration, chose with his smoelentrekkerij. Lloyd seems not too much to care. The time of your life when nepsolidaire millennial, Lloyd?


‘Oh hemeltjelief, no, not snakes, that we could make the other candidates not do this, sorry boys!” That is what you are expected to report when someone has the chance to 2.000 euro to earn shoot. But no, Bahador has a different, quite a good reason: “I want to be, they long to see you.’ Okay, then we go for tickling with a feather. ‘There I go a lot to see, know Baha for sure.

Then, there is almost no ball to see. There follow in-depth analysis of Baha like “whoa, that Pascale has really a pokerface, not normal’, and ‘Peter must have trouble doing, exactly”. When Gilles De Coster him indicates that he was not really a test is selected for which there was little to see, has Baha also there is an answer ready: “It’s important to not have too much to focus on one main suspect, but also the rest trying to see. Tunnel vision and all… ” Did you often practiced in the mirror, Bahador?


Even though they were previously without hesitation each time for pasvragen or an exemption, chose, decided, vet Joke to the now fair to play in a game where betrayal and deceit are central. “No, I don’t mind that I do not for the exemption’ve gone in the geitenproef’, she kept full after her screen was red colored. “I had said that I no longer was going to do, voilà.’

Pity, because if they had had looked, then she can learn a lot from priest Peter, who himself incessantly believe that it is okay to other candidates telling lies, ten times sorry to say, and at the next opportunity just 1,000 euros on the bar to throw for an exemption. He is right too.

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