The life of the new British little prince: ‘He is the reserve of the reserve’

f578dc016b5d063a3d45eae6ffeef82c - The life of the new British little prince: 'He is the reserve of the reserve'

Prince William and Kate Middleton were Monday parents of their third child: prince Louis Arthur Charles. How else is the life of this boy, the fifth in the British line of troonsopvolging, than that of his older brother and sister?

Currently, Elizabeth (92) queen. If she dies or abdiceert, she is followed by prince Charles (69). Then follow William (35) and George (4). Princess Charlotte (2), is fourth in line.

The last pregnancy of Kate was in Great Britain less attention than her pregnancies of George and Charlotte, I noticed, Anne Saenen, RTL Newscorrespondent in London. “This has had more to do with prince Harry, the bad boy, who suddenly however the chain appeared to come thanks to a beautiful American (Meghan Markle, eds.). This is the fairytale wedding that everyone was waiting for.”

Further, it was a family with a son and daughter actually already complete and perfect, set Saenen. “You will get a third child yet less attention.”


Justine Marcella, editor in chief of the Princes, it is expected that the childhood of the three, about the same will look like. “Very, very slowly, will George realize that he was at a day’s turn, but first, of course, his grandfather and father. The new boy comes after George and Charlotte, but as those children get, go again.”

Also Blue Blood-presenter Jeroen Quickly think that the education of the three is approximately equal. “The nice thing is that the children in the first years, as simply as possible, be brought up; just have fun adults are later. The children at the Eikenhorst (where Willem-Alexander and princess Máxima live with their three daughters, ed.) are perhaps more educated than the children of a CEO who is also in Wassenaar lives with his family.”

Finally, will George have the most to be trained to be future king. “The younger brother of George and Charlotte is so a little further away,” said Quick. “In England they say always: you have a host and you have a spare: you have a son and heir and a spare-heir to the throne. That reserve is already there: that is princess Charlotte. Three years ago, they have in Great Britain the law has been amended, allowing women to no longer be disadvantaged in the line of succession to the throne. Louis is actually the reserve of the reserve.”

Also Marcella thinks that the younger brother and sister of George more and more disappear from view as they get older. “When I tell them about the wedding of Edward and Sophie, says that many people hate, while Edward, brother of Charles. I think that for many people, especially the first line is interesting.”


The chance that Louis ever the British throne ascends, is very low. “He has that royal task; must dress in a certain way to behave. At the same time, he falls also a little bit off, because ultimately he has nothing to tell,” says Saenen.

“If you like the Netflix series , The Crown may believe, was the sister of Elizabeth, Margaret, also suffer from”, Saenen further. “She struggled with her role: on the one hand, she had to sit up straight and legs, on the other hand, it was her sister that all the decisions took.”

Saenen however, does not exclude that prince William and Kate Middleton to continue with the renewal of the British royal family and their children and the tasks a little to distribute.

“What you already see happening, is that William and Harry go out together. The queen divides her tasks about herself and Charles, but also all about the next generation. It may be that the William that is trying to give to his own children. That would be a nice solution and also a more modern way of thinking.”


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