Sofia Vergara hires private detective in

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Actress Sofia Vergara has a private detective hired to help her in the lawsuit between her and her ex Nick Loeb on the two embryos that the two during their relationship have been freezing for the case in the future as children would like.

Sofia Vergara

The Modern Family actress has already been twice before to ensure that her ex, Nick Loeb, and the mouth was gagged in court, but the 42-year-old businessman recently launched a third lawsuit filed in Louisiana. Embryos are people while they are in California when products are seen. In this way, hopes Loeb is still the embryos.

Sofia Vergara tries the case and has now a private detective in the arm and taken. She hopes to prove that Nick is not at all in Louisiana lives. According to The Blast, that official documents in the hands says to have, lives Loeb is not at the specified address. “There is no evidence that Loes in Louisiana lives. In fact, he seems to still be in New York to live.”, is there written.

Sofia and Nick went into 2014 after a relationship of two years from each other. In 2013, two contract register that neither of the embryos should be allowed to use without each other’s consent.

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