Sennek works first rehearsals in Lisbon

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Sennek rehearsed Sunday for the first time in Lisbon on the stage of the song Contest in her outfit from the Belgian designer Veronique Branquinho. Sennek gave the performance of her song “A matter of time” that she is a big fan of Belgian fashion. “I find the style of Veronique beautiful. Feminine, with a dark edge. There is what “The virgin suicides” in. I’ve long been a fan of Veronique, and I have the hair just asked. It clicked immediately.” The respect that Sennek for Branquinho, is mutual. “I find Laura a very passionate woman and I recognize that. Laura is inspired and passionate about what she does, I love that. She has a lot of talent: they can be beautiful singing, she is also a beautiful woman. She was familiar with my work. She loves a dark and mysterious side, things that are also in my work,” says the designer to the VRT.

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