Sekscult-slave is allowed to eat again

8b7eedead2c56b8b26171aeff0e002b4 - Sekscult-slave is allowed to eat again

Former Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg is terribly concerned about the health of her daughter, who is a slave of the NXIVM sex-cult. But, the young woman looks incredibly fit since they return to normal eating, says a source to The Post.

Actress Catherine Oxenberg leave together with friend Stanley Zareff the courthouse as a result of the indictment against NXIVM leader Keith Raniere.

The 26-year-old India Oxenberg saw on Saturday was very healthy when she is on her work appeared. According to the whistleblower, Frank Parlato, they had a very strict diet to follow the ’slaves’ up to 800 calories per day may get. “Probably, India is the diet off and she looks this good. It is really idiot. If you have a time 900 calories per day at, you had to make extra work or were you forced to give. India now looks good because she can finally eat.”

Actress Catherine Oxenberg is doing, according to Parlato to the members of the sekscult the courage to leave. “She finds it terrible that her daughter is still in the cult. But she is glad that India is there in any case more healthy.” India claims to be in daily contact with her family, but according to Parlato, that is not true. “The only one with whom they occasionally give talks is her grandmother. They call her one or two times per week, and tells her where she is.”

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