Seedorf: ‘Perfect game to play against Barça’

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Clarence Seedorf is a clear, but oh so difficult task. The former international must have all four remaining games to win with Deportivo La Coruña to keep track of enforcement.

Clarence Seedorf

And the first hurdle is Sunday evening Barcelona in the Riazor. The squad of Ernesto Valverde is a draw assured of the championship title.

“Grades seen it yet, the wonders of the world is not yet out”, Seedorf courage. “We need a perfect game to play against Barcelona. How we Lionel Messi plugging? That is not to stop. To Messi think is a waste of time. He can be five man passing and that kind of players can’t stop you.”

Seedorf used an example from his personal life to indicate how much he is still in the miracle believe. “I lost yesterday to a friend who is 37 years old and until yesterday, I believed that he would be better. That are the real things in life. We thought he would recover, and I’m not going in the towel in the ring throwing before we are dead.”

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