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Second largest Bank of South Korea developed crypto-Wallet

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Shinhan, the second largest commercial Bank in South Korea has announced to develop crypto-Wallets to its customers. Shinhan will be expected to be the first commercial Bank, the digital wallet for crypto-currencies.

The news is particularly interesting, because the Cryptocurrency market in South Korea is one of the most important in the world. In the past few months has shown again and again that the market may have in South Korea very strong influence on the rate of a currency. So, for example, the “Pump and Dump” of the Bitcoin Cash was assumed to be largely from South Korea.

The publication of crypto-currency Wallets by the Shinhan Bank for its customers could market the crypto currency, therefore, a further massive Push in the direction of acceptance by the Mainstream and spread in the society. This, in turn, could have a positive impact on the rate of accept currencies.

The message was disseminated through a representative of the Shinhan Bank, Naver News, a media company that is operated by South Korea’s most widely used search engine.

The message of the Shinhan Bank in South Korea Bithumb stock exchange (the world’s largest crypto-currency exchange had come after according to trading volume) in the last few months, a variety of problems. In June of this year were stolen by hackers, the personal data of over 30,000 users. A few days ago, the Server of Bithumb also crashed, and have caused great uncertainty.

The new service of Shinhan Bank, according to Naver News safer. The Bank is planning to in the company’s widely held view of the strong security of a Bank combined with the advantages of crypto-currencies. Crucial safety advantage should be that the Private Key of the Bank issued and managed. This Service will be free of charge. Proceeds will also go without a fee. Withdrawals will be according to Naver News for a fee.

The launch is scheduled to mid-2018. Whether it remains with the Wallet Service, or whether Shinhan also offers Trading Services, so customers can crypto-currencies can buy and sell, is currently still unclear.

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