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Roméo Elvis: Here is the feesje!

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Roméo Elvis put his bleeding city in the flowers, and united everyone in his music. An emotional and meaningful triumph.

‘Roméo! Roméo! Roméo!’ Fifteen minutes before his set began, it was the name of the Brussels hiphopkoning fierce chanting. 25 he is, and his success seems to come …

‘Roméo! Roméo! Roméo!’ Fifteen minutes before his set began, it was the name of the Brussels hiphopkoning fierce chanting. 25 he is, and his success seems limitless. The AB was sold in 15 minutes, and in the autumn he goes for Vorst Nationaal. Meanwhile, he continues his attack on France continued, this week he fills the Bataclan, later Olympia.

Who is in Brussels for the tribune chose, I then again place was, because everyone wanted to be moving in the sardienenblik for the stage. The mensenzee bouncete up and down with each beat which Le Motel, the room flickered and sang all the words of his headstrong chansonrap. ‘Dutch-speaking or French-speaking, tonight we are tous ensemble’, called out the rapper on to unity after he Nappeux’ a city divided, a heart under the belt had stung.

The beats were jazzy, the mood mellow. After an endless series of concerts at home and abroad was Roméo Elvis’ show streamlined. Above him formed the letters of Strauss – schtroumpf – his favorite reptile, the crocodile. Are beatleverancier Le Motel to a stylized ‘instrumententafel’, in addition, what geometric lichtzuilen. Swing, copain L’or du Commun him invariably accompanies it, remained in the wings. This Roméo Elvis has no sidekick necessary.

Mass moshte

How understated Roméo Elvis’ first songs were, the mass moshte. Under his laconic, make look at the life and shoved Le Motel imaginative, atmospheric broken beats and thick buzzer indications. The one highlight sucked the other on. Even a new song, a bilan of our Tinder-society on a Kendrick beat, got the hall.

The rapper snuck across the stage like a reptile, ‘L’amour avec des krokos’ even with a tail. Le Motel if yourself shine more like a breakdancer in the dark pearl ‘Diable’, which the rapper everyone’s weakness in the eyes. This Roméo Elvis dared at last subtlety to play. In ‘Drôle the question, ” put on he and Le Motel a guitar for some mellow funk, with a solo by Roméo Elvis.

In comparison with the splinterbommen that his performances last year were, everything went initially neat and tidy. Mom and dad looked in the tribune. For us, sang a ten-year-old girl with ‘Bébé aime la drogue’. During ‘Lenita’ crowdsurfte a kid up on the stage.

But just when we wondered whether or Roméo Elvis familiefähig had become, splijtte sister Angèle the hall between melancholy and katzwijm. ‘J’ai vu’ was based as a wonderful ballet between the angelieke voice of the young popbelofte and the dark brown, lazy trip in Roméo Elvis’ head. The hug afterwards warmed everyone’s heart.

Then threw the rapper his jacket off, and then his Red Devils shirt. “I like this song because it’s so violent’, he led a seething ‘Tu vas glisser’ in. Just before that, he was still at his most vulnerable in ” Ma tête’, about his continuing fight with his ears, his shiny, wiry body writhing from the pain.


But this Roméo Elvis shared politics a sledgehammer. ‘Tout est question de vivre ensemble’, he sang caught in a white beam in the wistful ‘Respirer’. In ‘Strauss & paillettes”, The Weaver, Francken, and the whole N-VA a sneer, and then the middle finger went up against all extremists and racists of Belgium.’

The sardienenblik roiled, Roméo Elvis’ sizes of L’or du Commun jumps on stage for ‘Apollo’, he honored his roots, and exploded one last time in ‘BXl arrive’. The rapper rolled over the audience, as a messiah that his followers conducted.

Just as Stromae is Roméo Elvis, a catalyst, a binder for Brussels, and by extension the whole of Belgium. ‘Applause for you!’, he cried out in juicy English. “Where is the feesje? Here is the feesje!’

Seen on april 28 at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

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