Rapper mysteriously disappeared

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The English rapper Kenny Mukendi, also known as Kenny Vulcan, since april 13, went missing. The rapper has not come home after a session in a recording studio in Brazil. Saturday has the local police to let them know that Kenny probably of a cliff is jumped, but his family doesn’t believe this.

Kenny Mukendi

According to The Independent finds the family that the police in Rio de Janeiro fails. No one has the rapper see jump and there is no body found. “He lives, but wants to be the one or other reason not be found”, says Ken Mukendi, the father of Kenny.

“The police has the press informed about their conclusion without our permission. We are convinced that their theory is based on incorrect and misleading information. They had more inland should search instead of mainly concentrating on the sea. Kenny has never had any problems. He has never had a depression and had never said anything about suicide.”

The police think differently. As a result of several conversations with the family and friends of Kenny, they come to the conclusion that the rapper actually was depressed. In the first instance was, however, a crime based, but that has now been excluded after surfers to his backpack, wallet, phone and passport found. An Uber – driver would be the rapper for the last have seen. He explains that Kenny is out of the trailer and towards the cliff ran.

Kenny Mukendi was shown in clips of Nicki Minaj, James Blunt and Sam Smith and in the film Ready Player One, the tv show Britannia and he has a role in Fantastic Beast 2: The Crimes or Grindelwald. He moved in december to Rio de Janeiro to study music and acting.

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