Pusic will find that there is too much wrong in ‘bizarre season’ FC Twente

e204b3b53aa1ae9f86d7f9f86df72f6f - Pusic will find that there is too much wrong in 'bizarre season' FC Twente

FC Twente trainer Marino Pusic was there Sunday quite through it after his team by losing 5-0 defeat on a visit to Vitesse relegated from the Premier league.

“To do this awful lot of pain. It is for all of us a terrible time,” began Pusic his story for the cameras of FOX Sports.

“That we are relegated is a bizarre confluence of circumstances. The problem was too deep. I cry along with our supporters, and everyone in our region. In the last six duels, it was to save what could be saved and that is unfortunately not succeeded.”

Pusic took at the end of the previous month, the baton from the dismissed Gertjan Verbeek, but also when it was FC Twente on the last place and was maintaining far from sight.

“The whole season was bizarre and painful. Of course I could still hope on the turn when I boarded. I have my whole heart and soul into it thrown, but it was unfortunately to no avail. There is too much wrong.”


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