Paris Hilton stands alone

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Paris Hilton is in november 2018 to get married with her fiancé, Chris Zylka, but their big day is not the result of a common decision. Zylka leave all the preparations to the 37-year-old socialite.

Paris Hilton

In an interview with Page Six, he tells us about his share in the preparations of the marriage: “I think you have something just to the wife about it, it is finally her big day. What is certain is that we have marriage in LA to take place because we are the family to want to have.”

Zylka asked Paris to marry him during a ski vacation in January. Since then, he can’t wait until it’s so far. Paris can also not wait until they are together, a family can start. “I am really looking to have the wedding and am ready for the next phase in my life. I want a family of my own, and the ultimate happiness. Yes, I have a nice life as a girl boss and a businesswoman, but I also want to be a mother. I’ve always dreamed of the right man and that I have now found. I truly love him.”

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