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Pantera Capital CEO: “Bitcoin screams after you make a purchase”

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In an Interview with Bloomberg Crypto, the CEO of the hedge Fund Pantera to Bitcoin, and the market expresses itself. His attitude bullish Bitcoin screams is fundamentally downright after you make a purchase.


Pantera Capital , a hedge Fund with an exclusive focus on tokens and Blockchain-related projects. The CEO Dan Pantera came in an Interview with Bloomberg Crypto on and took a position on the current Situation in the market and the Krpytomarkt as such. As a hedge Fund, Pantera shortet currencies also selectively Crypto. As a tool for the Bitcoin Futures from CME, for example, offer. His basic attitude to the entire Ecosystem, however, is bullish. So it could well be that the Blockchain-market to one or two of the MAG is under-rated.

(Still) not enough liquidity in the market

Pantera emphasized that the liquidity in the market, compared with other asset classes, is still too low. The crypto market and, as such, is unique and the first of its kind, with more Than 400 billion US-dollars, but, nevertheless, the market is not one instance. The money will come mainly from Early Adopters, Libertarians and technology Enthusiasts. The number of long-term Hodler was relatively high. These investors keep your digital coins, often several years. In fact, only 10 to 20 percent of the market capital are traded.

In contrast, the large institutional investors are entered. Because the liquidity is so low, are the prices are so volatile. With more money in the market could change this. Pantera does not mean that a market capitalization of 4 trillion or even 40 trillion US dollars is impossible.

The characters in the Bitcoin-purchasing are good

As a guide for a purchase decision Pantera is called the moving average of the last 200 days. Bitcoin has risen up to now a year. A contact with this mean value is a clear buy signal. “Bitcoin is yelling to be bought,” says Dan Pantera in the Interview with Bloomberg. In addition to a fundamental analysis of the projects of the hedge Fund, run a Sentiment analysis, such as, for example, the mood on Twitter or the Commits on GitHub.

In fact, the bearish sentiment in the market seems to be tilting slowly. The cops come back to the stage.

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