Miguel Wiels wants Mega Mindy love in bed

5071be344e7fd40fd8612e9ffd628aa3 - Miguel Wiels wants Mega Mindy love in bed

Who is the wife of Miguel Wiels? Also that question is in the top 10 most gegoogelde questions about the composer. “That is an easy question: Free Souffriau,” says Miguel. He links there is also the story of how the two got to know each other: “I have Free in 2004, about know at a party Studio 100 and it clicked really immediately. Gert Verhulst had me already once said: “We have here a great singer walk in the company. Maybe you even have anything to do with it?’ I did that a little too literally taken, and Free and I than a couple (laughs). Now we are 14 years later and I still have no day regret. It is the woman of my life.”

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