Merkel, Macron and May: ‘EU interests’

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The American president Donald Trump to refrain from economic sanctions against the European Union. That has the German chancellor Angela Merkel said after telephone calls with French president Macron and British prime minister May.

German chancellor Angela Merkel after her return from the meeting with the American president Donald Trump by phone consultation with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the British prime minister, Theresa May. It was especially to the violins together, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Sunday.

The three had to stand together over pronounced that the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran would have to fulfil. They showed themselves to be willing to make all involved additional appointments to worry about the ballistic missile programme of Iran and its regional role.

At the same time, they call up Trump to refrain from economic sanctions against the European Union, the EU determined its interests in the margins of the multilateral trading system to defend’.

The Elysée said in Paris that Macron on Saturday already with Merkel and then with May had, etc. Regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran, compared to 12 may, and another developed to Washington to convince not from the chord. The EU should in the trans-Atlantic handelsconflict are prepared to make if necessary quickly and to react effectively. Macron spent last week, before Merkel, on a visit to Trump.


The dispute relates to import duties on steel and aluminum, which the USA in march, with the reference to self-interest, wants to abolish. Trump accused the other parties of the US of unfair practices. There were, however, exceptions to the import duties. Among others, the EU, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina and Brazil were exempted. But the exceptions, expires on 1 may.

In the nuclear deal of 2015 had the by shiite scholars-controlled islamic republic of are required to at least ten years of significant parts of its nuclear program drastically reduce screws, with the goal of the country to prevent a nuclear weapon to develop. In return, the sanctions against Tehran lifted. The US wants the nuclear agreement, according to the new minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo to correct or terminate.

‘Not again.’

The Iranian president Hassan Rohani has now changes to the nuclear deal will be rejected. ‘The atoomakkoord is not re-negotiable, and Iran’s obligations go no further than this deal, ” he said, according to Iranian sources in a telephone conversation with Macron. At the same time, he declared that Iran is up to individual calls a waiter to the situation in the Middle East is willing to, especially about the stability and security in the region and the fight against terrorism’.

He considers the nuclear agreement, not only as a constructive for peace in the region, but also as the basis of trust between the West and Iran. According to the Iranian presidency lasted the conversation between Rohani and Macron for more than an hour.

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