Lotti Moss insecure by sister Kate

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Lotti Moss, sister of Kate Moss, was discovered on her sixteenth and signed to the same modeling agency as her sister. Since then she wonders if she only suucesvol by her last name.

Lotti Moss

The 20-year-old model since she started it as a model to hear that they are this work can only do because of her sister. She gets this criticism so often that Lotti Moss, the self is beginning to believe, despite the fact that they are already well-proven.

Lack of self-confidence

“I have moments that I think I not pretty enough am I here only am because of Kate. But I do my work well. The agency has told me that it doesn’t matter whose sister you are, if you are not a good model.”, she tells Grazia.

In the past, struggled Lotti with a very low self-esteem, but since she has stopped as a catwalk model, she is happier than ever. “I looked around me and found everyone is prettier and thinner. I have little self confidence and I need more positive thinking. That is the message that now try to spread. Have faith in yourself and have some fun.”

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