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Ledger receives second round of financing; transactions from Ledger to Ledger

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The French Hardware Wallet manufacturer Ledger can received two very encouraging messages. On the one hand, the company has announced that it has taken in a second round of financing of approximately 61 million euros investment capital. On the other hand, the Startup Radar Relay has announced that it now supports Ledger – Hardware Wallets and transactions between two Ledger-devices.

Ledger has announced in yesterday’s press release that it has collected in a second round of financing capital in the amount of $ 75 million, the equivalent of around 61 million euros. Providers of capital the Venture Capital firm Draper Esprit, including Draper Associates, Draper Dragon and Boost VC and first mark Capital, Cathay Innovation and Korelya Capital. In addition, investors also participate from the first round of funding: CapHorn Invest, GDTRE and the Digital Currency Group.

With the new capital, the production capacity will be increased for the Ledger Hardware wallet, to meet the rapidly increased demand of the last months, Mr. Ledger had reported a few days ago, that worldwide the millionth Ledger Nano S has been sold.

Due to the increased demand there was for Ledger to be delivered since December bottlenecks and therefore longer times. In this respect, the financing round is likely to be happy also, potential buyers of the Ledger Nano.

On the other hand, is to be funded by the revenue the technological development of existing products, to continue to safety and trust with regard to the storage of crypto-currencies guarantee. In addition, Ledger has also launched a new solution for financial institutions such as banks and hedge funds, to enable Ledger, Vault, crypto-currencies to manage safely.

A decentralized Exchange: transactions from Ledger to Ledger

The 2017 based Startup Radar Relay, announced in a Blog Post on Medium that the Integration of the Ledger Hardware wallet is completed. The platform now makes it possible to use the Hardware Wallets from Ledger to transfer Ethereum, or other non-ERC-20 tokens between two Hardware Wallets. Owner of the Ledger Nano-S can connect your device easily with your computers, your Ethereum App open, and then with the Radar-Relay-App ETH or ERC-20 Token from a Ledger to a different Ledger device. A detailed guide for those interested in the above linked Blog Post.

Radar Relay is based on the 0x Protocol, which should allow for cost-neutral transactions on the Ethereum block Chain. The project 0x was founded as a Non-Profit organization and collected in August 2017 and $ 24 million for its ICO. 0x Token (ZRX) is currently (for the editors ‘ time) at a price of 1.38 Euro per Token and at # 38 of all Cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

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