Kanye honors survivor and shaves head bald

12ddc7faeaa8387bfa5ce0e90923f355 - Kanye honors survivor and shaves head bald

Kanye West has a new coupe. The 40-year-old rapper has his blonde hair shaved off and with a extremely short hairstyle, so it appears from a photo on social media.

Kanye West

Kanye was inspired by Emma Gonzalez. The girl, that gemillimeterd her, survived the shooting in Florida. On Twitter he placed a picture of her with the text “My hero Emma Gonzalez”, and he then selfie shared. “Inspired by Emma”, he wrote with the snapshot on which his bald head to see.

Donald Trump

In February, shot an ex-student of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School seventeen students dead. Many young people, including Emma, then went to the streets to protest against vuurwapengeweld. Also berate the students to the American arms policy of Donald Trump.

The action of the husband of Kim Kardashian is striking. This week said Kanye had his appreciation for Trump, and he called the American president, his friend. “You don’t need it with Trump to agree but you can not prevent that I love him. We both have drakenenergie. He is my brother,” he wrote earlier this week on Twitter.

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