In which locations benefit well known duos Two Star Restaurants?

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In 4 restaurants in as many Flemish cities, there is these days a lot of extra activity. On the outside of the buildings does not suspect that 4 well-known duo within the press in the back for the opening of their own 2 Star Restaurant. For each of them, the culinary adventure of their lives. Roel Vanderstukken & Kürt Rogiers, Jacques Vermeire & Herman Verbruggen, Bieke Ilegems & Erik Goossens and Marie Verhulst & Andy Peelman open in a few days the doors of their restaurant and will receive their first paying customers. They do that in 4 tasteful locations: The White Villa, in Leuven, The Chapel in Mechelen, Ottentic in Bruges and Illie Mangaro in Ghent.

Roel & Kürt cooking in The White Villa, in Leuven. The romantic architecture from the 20’s, with beautiful parquet floors and green surroundings provide the ideal framework for their restaurant Stove. Roel and Kürt depart from the dishes that everyone knows, but go there creatively. Not an everyday kitchen, but unexpected flavor combinations that people can surprise you.

Bieke & Erik open the doors of their restaurant The Blue Boxs. They do that in Ottentic, an authentic location in the heart of Bruges. The hip bar and cozy dining area invite you to the culinary world tour that Bieke and Erik and their guests want to offer. In The Blue Boxs they serve world cuisine and mediterranean dishes with a twist.

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