’Honey, stop with those videos without a shirt’

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Mark Wahlberg is fixed to the to train his body to get in shape for the film Six Billon Dollar Man. Without a shirt. On Instagram, he puts a video.

Mark Wahlberg

It is in the middle of a work-out that are the best paid actor of Hollywood last year raked in he increased from 68 million euros within – pauses for a promopraatje about a protein shake, to apparently earn a bit of cash. His wife Rhea Durhma let him advert calm finish, before they comment: “Babe, stop with the videos which you have no shirt wearing.” Dochertje Ella (8) agrees: “Yes dad!”.

In the caption, let Wahlberg know that he is preparing for the filming of the action film The Six Billion Dollar Man. 2014 was all about this movie, which is based on a tv series about a former astronaut with superpowers. The release was constantly delayed. Originally, the film made by the company of Harvey Weinstein produced, but after the numerous allegations of abuse from October 2017, bought Warner Bros. the project and seems to be the film final at the end of may 2019 released.

In the Netherlands the film on may 25, 2019 premiere.

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