Former NBC presenter gets support after misbruikbeschuldigingen

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Former NBC host Tom Brokaw was on Friday accused of sexual abuse. Linda Vester would be in her twenties by the tv personality sexually harassed. In the meantime, have 65 people from the tv industry written a letter to the defense, including Schwarzeneggers ex-wife Maria Shriver. This is reported in The Guardian.

Tom Brokaw

The woman who Brokaw accused, worked as a oorlogscorrespondnent for NBC News. Linda Vester says that the newsreader her twice, tried to kiss and inappropriately sexual advances sought. “He grabbed me in my neck and tried me to force to kiss him. I was shocked when I noticed how strong he was. He was the most powerful man at the station and I was the most onervarene.” She tells them that Browak left when she was under his grip was released and it showed that he alone had to make.

Variety and the Washington Post published her allegations. The Washington Post has also published anonymously, the story of a second beschuldiger. Variety has to say journals viewed at that time, that the story of the now 52-year-old Vester support.

Complaining e-mails

Brokaw (78) denied the allegations and said that he Vester but two times met, when they opinion of him early on about her career at the transmitter. According to him, were these encounters in a brief and formal. In several e-mails to friends complaining he about what he is done in what I thought the last phase of my work and life.”

In the meanwhile he has received support from 65 women in the American tv industry, which is a letter up in defense. Among them is also a former NBC journalist Maria Shriver, for many years, and on paper still – the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger. They write that Brokaw them has always been treated with honesty and respect, allowing them opportunities to further their careers and their successes has welcomed. “He is a man with a huge decency and integrity”.

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