FC Twente cries: ‘All the words are superfluous’

0d7f56a705c87c90425388cdb2d61231 - FC Twente cries: 'All the words are superfluous'

Marino Pusic made an excited impression after the official relegation of FC Twente to the Jupiler League.

Coach Marino Pusic grieves, with on the background the harassing banner by the Vitesse fans

The coach saw his team losing defeat suffered by Vitesse (5-0), that the painful fate, which was sealed. “There is not much to say now,” sighed Pusic in conversation with FOX Sports. “If you like the sorrow and the excited faces to see at the players, are all words unnecessary. You can as a coach, then not much to say. Until the fortieth minute we were good, but the first best shot distance (from Thulani Serero, ed.) immediately score a goal.”

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“We have the last weeks blow after blow, then something like that is mentally tough for this team. It is a very sad day for us. From the day that I was asked to get the group to stand and to save what could be saved, you know that it’s very difficult would be. But you remain a sportsman. I am realistic enough, yet there was an optimist in me that the quantity to wanted to run. Unfortunately, it is not successful.”

And so also Pusic in sackcloth and ashes. “My heart weeps with all those people, this do so much pain. It is a terrible moment for all of us. We degrade, of course, not today, but over the whole season. Where it has gone wrong? I think that’s not the right time to talk to me about this.”


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