Ex-dictator Meza of Bolivia died

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LA PAZ – The former Bolivian dictator Luis García Meza is at the age of 88 died. The general died of a heart attack.

Luis Garcia Meza surrounded by agents.

Meza came through a coup d’état to power. He was from July 1980 to August 1981 the leader of the country, and had in that relatively short period of time political opponents and activists from the time. Furthermore, he was accused in the drug trafficking.

Thirty years a cell

Shortly after his resignation in 1981, disappeared from the military dictatorship in Bolivia from the scene. Meza in 1993 it was given thirty years in prison. He was a year later in Brazil picked up.

A court in Italy convicted him in 2017 in absentia to life imprisonment for his participation in operation Condor. Therein worked military dictatorships in South America in conjunction to opposition leaders to continue.

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