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Ethereum Foundation: a developer proposes an insurance Fund for Smart Contracts

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A developer of Ethereum Foundation, Alex Van de Sande. of the Community a proposal for an insurance pool to be submitted, to minimize the risk for the Ethereum network in case of failures This Ether can be in an insurance pool is parked.

Van de Sande argued in a blog post that the creation of a Recovery Contracts coupled with an insurance Fund would reduce the incentive for hackers and attackers.

The operation of the system should be simple and manageable. Developers would secure their Smart Contracts, by freezing your Ether for a certain period of time in a Recovery Contract””.

If the Smart Contracts insured Ether will be frozen and automatically generates a Recovery Token that can be used with the holder, for what he wants. 10% of the paid-up Ether from the Ethereum Foundation will be retained and 90% shall be paid to the Emmitent in the Form of the Recovery token.

On the other hand, if the vesting period has expired and a recovery process is initiated, would be destroyed in the Recovery Token is automatically and the Exhibitor would get back his blocked Ether – and all the gains that were achieved through the sale of recovery Token.

A hurdle for the proposed System seems to be that the Recovery Token would probably be by many regulatory authorities as the securities are classified. This would result in a different taxation and legal regulation applies and that is why this Option would be uninteresting for Etheruem-owner.

This idea arises from the ongoing discussion on the frozen Ether of the Parity Bugs. There’s a Hard Fork has been discussed this week, although hot, but neither side seriously is wanted, would be an insurance Fund with a way to solve such a risk in a smarter way.

Whether this idea will actually catch on is unclear. Nevertheless, it would give an opportunity to owners of Etheruem a warranty, after a certain period of time, your frozen Ether to get back.

The Ethereum course is for the editors time in 571,08 Euro and was within the last 24 hours with a price gain of 3,83 per cent . The market capitalisation of 56 billion euros.

The next time will show whether the Aufwärstrend can be continued.

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