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Crypto market remains volatile, Altcoin NEM with a strong rate of growth

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The crypto market is in the last few days, extremely volatile, and sharp fluctuations are on the agenda. The price of Bitcoin, as well as the entire altcoin market reminds of a roller-coaster ride. Only NEM showed up within the last days strong and was even able to capture a price increase.

The market capitalisation fluctuates in the last 7 days, in a range of 350 to 400 billion dollars and has no clear direction. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization is close to 378 billion dollars.

This volatile time of tremendous profit potential for day traders, but she brings just as much Frustration for the “Hodler”.

Both Bitcoin and the entire crypto market is in the red writes within the last 24 hours. A look at our course overview shows that only the digital currency NEM a rate increase of 11.75 percent within the last day recorded.
The price per Coin is at the time of writing in 0,44 dollars and a market capitalization of close to $ 4 billion. The reason for the price increase is no Update or the announcement of a partnership, but the Coincheck is, however, probably the day’s operation has resumed and the robbed victim has to compensate.

In January of this year, the NEM value of more than $ 500 million of the crypto-currency stock exchange Coincheck were stolen through a Hack. Yesterday was begun the refund for all affected victims.

Lon Wong, founder of NEM, said in a public notice:

The XEM exchange (Coincheck) had received a Wake-up call to check security measures twice and ensure that everything necessary is guarantee done to the highest level of security. Together we can build a robust crypto-Ecosystem.

Although Coincheck had no problems (to be compensated by a good merit of the collected fees to the platform of last year), your customers, and the security of crypto-currency exchanges continues to be a Problem needs to be worked on.

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