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Crypto Asset Conference @ Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 26. & 27. February 2018

a6f6b7080a9529f3d96103abd267506d - Crypto Asset Conference @ Frankfurt School of Finance & Management 26. & 27. February 2018

Crypto are not a new phenomenon currencies. As a response to the ailing confidence in the banking system in the Wake of the financial crisis of 2007/2008, the Bitcoin was developed. Since then, more crypto-created currencies, however, they enjoy is only now increasing in popularity. Originally, these were traded only by private investors for purposes of speculation, however, institutional investors are dealing with crypto currencies. Because the potential of the Blockchain technology allows the development of new business models. The first pioneers of this industry can be like in the future, transactions to define and, therefore, the everyday life, revolutionize.

The Crypto Asset Conference ( is organized by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center in cooperation with KI is decentralized to a platform, the next Generation of thought leaders to come together. Among other things, the following topics are addressed:

  • What is the impact of crypto-currencies have on international trade?
  • Which business models can be re-defined to compete against monopolies?
  • If already now Crypto-Tokens have revolutionized the financing of the company – which industry will benefit next?

In order to find answers to these questions and to discuss the future developments in this business field, we bring together experts from various subject areas (Economics, Governance, Finance, Tokens, Start-Ups and Corporates). We would like to invite you to this event. On our site you can secure your Tickets and use the Promo Code “coinherocac18” you will receive a discount of 20 % for Corporate Tickets.

We look forward to welcome you at the conference meet.

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