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CBOE celebrates a record high in trading volume of Bitcoin Futures

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The American futures and options exchange, CBOE celebrates this week a new record high in trading volume of the last year, the newborn Bitcoin Futures. On Wednesday, the sale of almost 19,000 contracts – three times that of the average trading day, of the stock exchange. Also competitor to the CME doubled the sales numbers. Why the sudden Anlagewut the customer stirs it, is unknown.

Bitcoin Futures are in demand as never before: How the market data of the futures and options exchanges CBOE and CME, could be the interest in the bitcoin-based future contracts these days barely higher.

On Wednesday, the sale of the two exchanges, the numbers shot seemingly suddenly in the height. While CME doubled its sales, experienced CBOE even the previous all-time high of traded contracts since its introduction to the market five months ago. The sale of a total of about 19,000 contracts, and thus three times that of the normal trading day, the stock market.


“Yesterday, we experienced the highest daily volume for Bitcoin Futures since their introduction here at CBOE almost five months ago. The average daily volume is 6.600 sold XBT Bitcoin Futures. Yesterday [Wednesday] was the trading volume in the three-fold“,

Kevin Davitt of the CBOE reported in a Social Media Video from for the stock market memorable day of trading.

Information that could be sold on Wednesday 18.210 on may, 703 in June and 87 in July-dated contracts. The previous sales record, however, was of 15,500 contracts with the end of the first round of Sales in January, Davitt.

Causes: Unknown

That the sales boom will have been taken by the stock exchanges rather unexpectedly, shows the view of the sales statistics for the preceding days of the week. On Monday of this week, for example, has been associated with only a total of 3,881 below average in many of the contracts to the man.

Who are the buyers and where the causes of the shopping trips, it cannot currently be predicted.

Because during the trading record in January due to the initial Hype with the end of the first round of Sales may have played a befeuernde role, were on Wednesday, no such relevant expiry dates on the calendar. Monthly customers are to be excluded in order for the jump buying.

The CBOE has, however, other hopes:

“We will of course observe, whether it is just an outlier, or whether more and more institutional buyers focus on the crypto market,”

Davitt describes the Vision of the industry, more large-scale customers for the purchase of derivatives to attract.

Regardless of the future enjoyed contracts currently of great interest.

The Background

In December of last year, the Chicago futures exchanges, CBOE, and CME brought the Bitcoin future contracts on the market. As Futures are called derivatives exchange-traded futures. You require the buyer to deliver a certain amount of Bitcoin at a specified future time at a specified price or exchange rate or to buy. With the Futures from CBOE about exchange betting with maturities over a number of weeks, months, but also on a quarterly basis.

In principle, Futures apply to the stock exchange as a high-risky, because with you in the shortest possible time large profits, at the same time, however, enormous losses are possible.

During the world more and more exchanges take Bitcoin Futures for your clients to target, planning the CBOE already the next Coup. The Chicago want to extend their offer with the so-called Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Such contracts would allow investors to bet on the development of the Bitcoin price. The competent U.S. authority Securities and Exchange Commission, however, has rejected the appropriate listing applications to date always, or decisions adjourned. It considers in particular the still-young Bitcoin the market for “non-liquid” enough and difficult to assess.

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