Captain Twente numb from grief

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Stefan Thesker had after the demotion of FC Twente still makes no sense to look forward.

Stefan Thesker

“I feel nothing and am completely empty,” said the captain of the Enschedeërs, with 5-0 at Vitesse lost. “I am not yet with the upcoming season is busy and I’m not responsible for it.”

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Twente did for peace not for Vitesse. Thesker: “I found the first half pretty good actually. We had them outside to play and they had no chance. With the first the best shot we get a goal against. In the second half we come bad out of the dressing room and we will deliver five or six balls in succession. They score early and then it is ready.”

Play Jeroen van der Lely was in the relegation. “It has the whole season to make. There is to my mind not a single moment where it has located. We have enough on the mat to know. We have a lot of chaos had within the club. That helps, of course, not. But how you look at it look at it: you need it when players are doing. That we have not properly done enough.”

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